About Us

We’re the Howley Agency — Nice to Meet You! 👋

Who We Are

In simplest terms, the Howley Agency is all about making life safer and more comfortable. When conditions in your environment are “just right,” you can live and work at your best. You are free to focus. To be in the moment. To thrive.

When our heating products do their job, you won’t notice a thing (except a drop in your heating bill). And that is as it should be — that means comfort.

After all, the temperature is one of those aspects of life you are only aware of when things aren’t as they should be. When beads of sweat drip down your forehead — you notice. When your teeth chatter and your fingers are too stiff to type — you feel it… and it’s hard to think of much else!

You could say it’s our mission to keep you inside your comfort zone (and when it comes to heating, that’s a beautiful thing!)

How We Help You

Any top-notch heating system is responsive, reliable, and highly efficient… and, in our opinion, that’s what a great company is too. And this is what our partners (engineers, installers, and facility owners) have come to expect from us.

No matter your project’s stage of development, we equip you with the information you need to make the best choices… to achieve the best outcomes.


• Raise the standards of comfort and safety for building occupants
• Achieve max efficiency for building owners and the environment 
• Empower designers, installers, and maintenance professionals working with heating systems. 

Our Vision

We aim to advance modern heating technology as a leading source of knowledge and guidance to our partners, raising industry standards for comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Our Promise

We pledge to furnish exceptional heating solutions to our partners, backed by expert-level product knowledge and an attentive ear toward project goals.
Additionally, we are committed to providing quality customer support before and after the sale.

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